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You agree and understand that this is an online platform for search of databases for garages for motor vehicles and their services rendered, with best prices and proximity of location and therefore this website will in no way be responsible for faulty services so rendered by the owner/mechanics/technicians of the garages. You acknowledge and understand that you are making best judgement and prudent choices of your own volition and we will not mediate or resolve any dispute arising between you and the garage-owners.


This website is exclusively owned by M/s FIXSER.IN PVT LIMITED and the standard terms and conditions mentioned herein shall govern your use of the website. By expressly using the website you have agreed to abide by the websites standard terms and conditions.


You understand that this website is only a platform of facilitator to enter into a contract between you and the garage owner/mechanics and the owners/directors/employees of this website are in no way intermediaries between the two of you.

You understand that the owners of this website have done their utmost to ensure and verify the quality of the garages/mechanics. However in case of any acts or omissions of gross negligence or any special liability arising out of such services rendered by the garages/mechanics, the owners/directors/employees will not be held liable for such acts of negligence or special liability.

You understand that this website is not responsible for the accuracy of information posted by the garage-owners/mechanics on this website. Though reasonable care has been taken by M/s FIXSER.IN PVT LIMITED to ensure the accuracy of information provided by the garage-owners, you shall be soley responsible for verifying the same.

You understand that apart from the cost of procuring the garages mentioned in the pricing column, any additional costs including spare parts etc. Will be additionally and exclusively be borne by you or as per the contract with you and your chosen garage/mechanic and M/s FIXSER.IN PVT LIMITED will not be responsible for such additional costs.

You understand that M/s FIXSER.IN PVT LIMITED will not be held responsible for any loss of business, revenues etc which you may incur through the usage of this website.

You understand that M/s FIXSER.IN PVT LIMITED is in no way responsible for the timliness, quality, safety, performance of the users of this platform.


M/s FIXSER.IN PVT LIMITED reserves its exclusive rights to terminate the services of any of its customers for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to, giving false information of motor-vehicles, misleading the garage-owners/mechanics in any manner, using the website for business/personal or other fraudulent purposes, cheating, defrauding garage-owners etc. In case of any loss incurred by the users due to such termination of services, such losses will be soley borne by the users themselves and M/s FIXSER.IN PVT LIMITED will in no manner be required to indemnify the users of such losses.


You agree to allow us the use of private details of your motor vehicles which you provide in the website. Please restrict the use of our website in case you do not agree with this term.


You understand that the concept of this website, the contents of this website, the databases so used, images used etc. cannot be used/downloaded for your business purpose, since they belong exclusively to M/s FIXSER.IN PVT LIMITED. Any such infringement will be subject to legal action in the appropriate court/courts, forum/tribunal which you will be required to defend at your own cost and consequences and such damages arising out of it will be excluseively borne by you.


You understand that M/s FIXSER.IN PVT LIMITED withholds its rights to transfer, assign, subcontracts its rights to another at any point of time, without notification.

You understand that M/s FIXSER.IN PVT LIMITED has exclusive rights to alter the terms and conditions of use from time to time as it deems fit.

In case, if the terms and conditions or any clause thereof is found invalid and unenforceable in law, it will not render the entire terms unenforceable, but such clauses may be altered without rendering the entire terms and conditions unenforceable as a whole.


You understand that in case of any breach of use in the above terms and conditions, you will fully indemnify such costs, damages, expenses etc.


In case of any dispute arising out of the said terms and conditions, the courts in Chennai will hold exclusive jurisdiction for resolution of the same.